The medical field

Participation in the development of national \"medical cleaning agents health standards\"

Chinese Preventive Medical Association,member

China Health Inspection Association member

China Health Inspection Association disinfection and infection control professional member

Shenzhen preventive medicine disinfection and vector control professional committee member

National Center for Disease Control and Prevention has the authority of the test report

  • 中国卫生监督协会消毒与感染控制专业委员会委员单位
  • 中国卫生监督协会单位会员
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The home field

China Cleaning Products Industry Association Member

State authority test report of Cleaning Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center

Participation in national surfactant detergent related standards

  • 芭格美-中国洗涤用品工业协会 团体会员
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The core technology patents

″Enzyme cleaning agent and preparation method″Packaging design patents

″Medical device cleaning with multi-enzyme preparation and preparation method″

″Medical multi-enzyme cleaning detergent and preparation method″

″Bio Flora remover″

″Bottle / Tableware / Kitchen heavy oil / collar / fruit and vegetable enzyme cleaning solution and its preparation method and application.″

  • 生物酶清洗剂及其制备方法-专利证书
  • 专利证书-瓶子
  • 专利证书-桶(字母瓶 )


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