Shenzhen Bio- enzyme Technology is well equipped with the strong basements of research and development of enzyme technology from Leveking and the huge supports of production and marketing from Bagemei, starts up the international business development from 2015.

Dong Rongsheng, famous angel investor and president in China, also is the founder, investor and CEO of more than 20 companies including 11 listed enterprises with national famous brands .As one of China's early angel investor, he focus on investing and researching the high-tech core technology. Venture capital investment 7 high-tech start-up companies, which are all to be listed! A series of successful venture, are due to his keen observation of high and new technology and unique insights!

Shenzhen Leveking Biotechnology Co. ltd was ventured in 2001.As a national key high-tech enterprise.

Leveking participated in the National 863 Program twice and obtain the five national and provincial science and technology innovation award. 66 patents were approved, Leveking is the first domestic industrialization of lipase; The first lipase export enterprises; The first enterprise lipase was applied to paper deinking. Draw up the provincial standards, and obtain the ministry of agriculture issued "feed lipase production license" as the first company. Cooperate with Huada protein, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, the University of California, Los Angeles and other several universities and research institutions.

2012, in consideration of the national 12th five-year economic plan of environmental protection, low carbon, sustainable development request, Mr. Dong enter and be stationed in cleaning industry, venture Shenzhen Bagemei Biotechnology Co., LTD., focusing on enzyme cleaning, the products has covered medical cleaning, household cleaning, baby and mom cleaning.  Applying enzyme wash standards of medical to household cleaning standards, Bagemei owns a number of core patented technology for complex enzyme, liquid enzyme!

In view of the international leading technology advantage in the field of enzyme washing, Bagemei took part in the national medical health standard for cleaner in 2013. At present, Bagemei is actively involved in formulating the latest National Health Standard for household cleaning agents.


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