Baby milk bottle
enzyme detergent

Baby fruit and vegetable
enzyme detergent

Baby dishwash
enzyme detergent

Baby milk bottle
clean tablets

Dishwash liquid cleaner

Laundry liquid cleaner

Lady underware cleaner

Fruit and vegetable
liquid cleaner

Fake tooth liquid cleaner

Glasses liquid cleaner

Jewellery liquid cleaner

Tea pot clean tablets

Shenzhen Bio-enzyme Technology Company ltd is high-tech enterprise who focus on biological enzyme cleaning products. Established in 2012, equipped itself with an elite R&D team, high quality production ability and responsible marketing system. With years experiences in providing modern cleaning solution for medical institutions, our concept is “Better prevention before treatment, safe cleaning before disinfection”. We’re the first one to bring the bio-enzyme into household cleaning field, from baby care to family care, from tableware to kitchen, build a full range of superior cleaning products line gradually. From medical to civil, from infant & mom to daily use, we aim to create a health, safe and cleaning world with one drop of Motherden.


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